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Other Support Programs

If you would like more information on any of these classes please call (03) 9344 5300 or email your query to

The class will be held at 55 Flemington Road, Parkville in Suite 213 on the second floor. Light refreshments will be provided.

There is a cost applicable per class. This is payable prior to attending the class. Payments may be made by credit card over the phone and patients will need to give 48 hours notice of a cancellation to ensure a full refund. When possible both parents are encouraged to attend.

SESSION TOPICS (all classes incur charges)
Postnatal Day Stay Unit (6-7 hours)

Becoming a parent is one of life's most exciting experiences, presenting individuals and couples with new challenges and opportunities to learn new skills.

To assist parents during this life-changing time, the Early Parenting Program aims to strengthen and enrich the parenting role of the individual and the family, providing an intensive coaching and support service.

Mothers, fathers and infants up to 12 weeks of age are welcome to attend the day program. A medical referral from your doctor is not required.

The program runs for 6-7 hours and addresses the following issues:

  • Infant Nutrition and Feeding
    • Maintenance of breastfeeding
    • Formula feeding
    • Weaning
  • Infant sleeping and settling
  • Multiple births
  • Pre-term infants
  • General Parenting skills
    • Parenting development/skills
    • Parenting transition - emotional and physical adjustment
  • Parental well-being
    • Anxiety management
    • Coping with fatigue
    • Individual assessment