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The Frances Perry House Childbirth and Early Parenting Program is designed to help you prepare for pregnancy, labour, birth and your early parenting experiences.

The program is a flexible approach, allowing you maximum choice in your maternity and early parenting education. You may attend as many classes as you like. To book and view the details of each class, select from the tiles below.

Before attending any classes, please ensure that your meet the following criteria:

  1. You are booked in to have your baby at Frances Perry House
  2. You have completed your online Maternity Admission Paperwork via the MyCare portal
  3. You are at least 28 weeks pregnant at the time of the class

Please note, these classes are only an overview and will not cover every aspect of your pregnancy & birth.

If you would like more information on any of these classes - please email us at


The Core Program may be covered by your Private Health Insurance. Please check with your Private Health fund to determine whether the core classes are included. If they aren’t, you may be charged an out of pocket fee. Classes that are not within the Core Program incur an out of pocket fee. For specific fees, please check the class pages.
We recommend you attend any of our classes from 30 weeks onwards. Each class varies slightly so please click to view the details of each class below.
Yes, you are welcome to bring your partner or support person. Additional attendees incur an additional charge but at a discounted rate. Please register their name when you book and an additional space will be reserved (you do not need to book twice).
Most classes are only available to those with a delivery date booked at Frances Perry House. The Baby Safe Program and Physiotherapy Classes are available to anyone.

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