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Maternity pre admission

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Maternity pre admission information

Your Doctor will book you in for your maternity admission.

A patient information booklet will be posted with Hospital information once a booking is made.

Please complete Online registration paperwork to confirm booking.

Partners are also welcome to stay overnight for an additional cost with meals included. Meals for partners are available upon request and are charged to your account.

Car parking is available on the corner of Flemington Road and Grattan Street, entry via Flemington Road only.

The car park hours are from 6am – 9pm daily.

The car park is operated by Wilson Parking. Casual fees are applicable.

Click here to complete registration paperwork


What To Bring To Hospital

  • Night attire,
  • casual clothes (optional),
  • toiletries (including soap),
  • sanitary pads (3pkts),
  • breast pads (1pkt),
  • 3 maternity bras,
  • Medicare Card,
  • Blood Group card,
  • Health Insurance details/book/card,
  • Tri-pillow if desired, and
  • a pen.

For your baby please bring

  • Baby outfits (5-6),
  • Baby singlets,
  • Cotton or muslin baby wraps (5-6).

Nappies and baby wipes are provided during your stay at Frances Perry House. If you are planning to bottle feed you will need to bring formula, four bottles and teats. Sterlilizing facilities are available throughout the hospital so you do not need to provide a sterilizer for your stay.

Going Home

Discharge planning is a vital component to your stay at Frances Perry House. Day one commences on the day of admission. The length of stay will be dependant upon you and your baby’s health. Your anticipated stay is no longer than 3-4 nights for a vaginal birth and 3-5 nights for a caesarean section.


NB. It is essential to have a secured fitted child restraint in your car before your admission to hospital.

It is recommended that once installed, you have your safety restraint checked by an authorised fitting station. Your nearest fitting station can be found by ringing the R.A.C.V on 9790 2190 (Metropolitan) or 1800 1340 126 (Country).

Will your Health Insurance cover you and your Baby?

Frances Perry House has agreements with most health funds, minimising up-front, out-of-pocket expenses for members. If your level of cover specifies that an excess or co-payment is payable, then you will be required to pay this on admission.

If you are at present covered by single health insurance, you are strongly advised to consider transferring to family cover at least three months before your expected date of delivery. The majority of health funds do not automatically cover your baby if there is a problem requiring neonatal care, unless family insurance had been in effect for a minimum of three months.

If you elect to remain on single cover, and your baby is unwell and requires admission to our Special Care Nursery, you will be required to pay all costs associated with your baby’s admission.

If you are expecting a multiple birth, you will definitely need family cover, as a 2nd or subsequent birth is considered a qualified admission into the hospital.

We strongly recommend that you contact your health fund regarding your coverage to ensure you are not faced with unexpected expenses.

Frances Perry House will submit your hospital claim to your health fund on your behalf, however you will remain responsible for submission of all other accounts (eg. Doctor’s fees, Pathology and Radiology etc).

If you have any queries regarding costs in relation to your upcoming admission, please contact us on (03) 9344 5000.