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Grand Hyatt Program

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What is the Parenting Program at Grand Hyatt Melbourne?

The Parenting Program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is an exciting choice available to new mothers. You and your baby can leave the hospital together and continue to enjoy postnatal care in a hospital-assimilated environment in the five-star luxury of the magnificent Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

This service is an extension of Ramsay Health Care’s Frances Perry House and is fully supported by Frances Perry House and our own highly qualified and experienced staff.

Following your baby’s birth, and provided you have had a birth without complications, your obstetrician may give approval for you to be transferred to Grand Hyatt Melbourne. You and your baby remain patients of Frances Perry House throughout your stay at both facilities. During your stay at Grand Hyatt Melbourne, you and your baby “room” together at all times.

From time to time and at the discretion of Frances Perry House Management, the Parenting Program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is not operational and therefore not available for patients to access.

Where is the Parenting Program at Grand Hyatt Melbourne located?

The Parenting Program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is located in Collins Street, between Exhibition and Russell Streets. You and your baby will be transported to the Hotel in a chauffeured vehicle, which is fitted with an Australian Standards-approved baby capsule. Alternatively, you may choose to travel to the Hotel with your partner, or have them accompany you in the chauffeured car.

Upon arrival at the hotel, staff will greet you and assist you with your luggage. No check-in process is required as you remain a hospital patient. You and your baby will be escorted to your private room in a wing of the Hotel dedicated to the hospital. Your partner is also welcome to stay.

All the rooms are fully serviced and luxuriously appointed, each offering breathtaking views around Melbourne. The rooms are spacious, with superb bathrooms and fully appointed with all the equipment you may need to care for you and your baby.

Maternity services

Your stay at the Hotel will be fully supported 24 hours a day, with specialist Frances Perry House staff offering the same caring support and assistance you will receive at Frances Perry House.

Your obstetrician will also continue to oversee your care for the duration of your stay.

The benefits of the Parenting Program at Grand Hyatt Melbourne

The Parenting Program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is offered to you as an option, giving you the choice to spend the remainder of your postnatal stay away from the busy hospital environment and in the relaxing, five-star comfort of Grand Hyatt Melbourne, fully assured of high quality maternity support. All meals are provided for you from the gourmet room service menu. You are also welcome to dine at the Collins Kitchen should you wish, at an additional cost.

What do I bring?

For your hotel stay please bring day clothes for the journey to the Hotel from Frances Perry House and to wear throughout your stay. For your comfort, we recommend you consider comfortable night attire and loose fitting clothes, like trousers with elastic waist-bands, and shirts and tops which allow easy access for breastfeeding.

What about my visitors?

Family and friends who enquire at Frances Perry House will be advised of your move to the Hotel. Visitors are welcome to visit you at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne. You will, however, continue to be a patient of Frances Perry House until you are discharged from the Hotel. All floral deliveries and mail for you will be redirected to the Hotel.

What does it cost?

Your stay at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is included in the obstetric cover provided by your private health fund. This includes servicing of the rooms, local telephone calls, Foxtel and all patient meals delivered to your room for the two nights of your stay. Meals for your partner will incur additional costs. Should you wish to extend your stay beyond this period, a special rate has been negotiated for Frances Perry House patients. You can register with the Hotel as a guest and other additional costs such as mini-bar, STD calls, additional laundry and meals from Collins Kitchen are at your expense as these services will be provided by the Hotel. The Hotel will take your credit card details in anticipation of meeting your needs. Patients can access this option by ringing reception on 5 on the inhouse phone.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Grand Hyatt Melbourne is located at the top end of Collins Street in the centre of the business, shopping, theatre and restaurant district, and is within walking distance of the main attractions in Melbourne, with easy access to public transport.


Accomodation rooms are individually air-conditioned and feature, plasma screens, king size beds with white linen and duvet, and an armchair for your comfort and relaxation. Floor to ceiling windows provide ample natural light or total darkness as required.

Access to the Parenting Program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is subject to availability. Occasionally we are not able to accommodate all that wish to access the program.


Car parking is available in a Wilson underground car park below the hotel. Partners will be offered a subsidised rate when staying at the Grand Hyatt. Access to the car park will be via valet parking (entry to the valet parking is via the Russell Street hotel entrance).

Please note, from time to time and at the discretion of Frances Perry House Management, The Parenting Program at Grand Hyatt Melbourne is not operational and therefore not available for patients to access.