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Know my midwife

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Midwife Maternity Care

At Frances Perry House, we understand women want to feel empowered, informed, supported and reassured throughout their pregnancy and birth journey. We want to provide mums-to-be every opportunity to get to know us, as we get to know you.

Know My Midwife

We are offering a program called Know My Midwife to enable you to meet with our staff during your pregnancy journey to begin your care partnership with Frances Perry House. The Know My Midwife program provides antenatal assessment appointments where you can meet individually with one of our midwives at the hospital.

How does it work?

During the 90 minute consultation, one of our fully qualified midwifes will develop a care plan for the remainder of your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood. This consultation will include a holistic review including physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs.

A number of antenatal assessments will be conducted during the appointment to support development of your individualised care plan. The assessments will be explained during your appointment and you will be asked to provide consent prior to them commencing.

The consultation appointment will enable you to ask any questions specific to the hospital and our services such as childbirth education, birth suite facilities, inpatient supports, breastfeeding and discharge planning. This midwifery consultation is optional and is in addition to the care and appointments that you have with your Obstetrician and any team members who work with them in their private practice.

The midwives who work in the Know My Midwife program are employed across all areas of Frances Perry House. The midwife who you meet at your antenatal consultation may not look after you during your stay.

How do I get started?

We encourage you to raise your interest in attending an antenatal midwife consultation at Frances Perry House with your Obstetrician early in your pregnancy as their consent is required for you to participate in the program. Frances Perry House is committed to making your pregnancy journey a wonderful experience.

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